“Our mini games will be the starting hotdog for our final project.”
“That’s the second Pitzer student I’ve written an equation on in the past hour!”
“Emmas are a zero-sum game.”
someone who realized that one Emma will leave to study abroad just when another Emma returns
“I’m going to call this equation ‘foot.’ Because I can. I can do whatever the hell I want.”
a professor
“I’m doing this grading for money. I’m like a Stems whore.”
“That’s a high level of booty calling.”
“If I hadn’t given you $5, I’d be covered in salt now.”
 fun at Jays
“I had 99 problems, so I used inclusion-exclusion. Now I have 2^99 - 1 problems.”
“All the best conversations are between body parts.”
Someone talking about necks
“Does anybody start with an S? We can replace them with Skolem.”