“Oh man if I ever go to jail, the first thing I’m gonna do is kill like 12 other prisoners and get put in solitary confinement. I just want to be left alone.”
“I am the multiplicative inverse of Benedict Cumberbatch.”
“I like that all of this happened because I acknowledged that people have butts.”
“Our mini games will be the starting hotdog for our final project.”
“That’s the second Pitzer student I’ve written an equation on in the past hour!”
“Emmas are a zero-sum game.”
someone who realized that one Emma will leave to study abroad just when another Emma returns
“I’m going to call this equation ‘foot.’ Because I can. I can do whatever the hell I want.”
a professor
“I’m doing this grading for money. I’m like a Stems whore.”
“That’s a high level of booty calling.”
“If I hadn’t given you $5, I’d be covered in salt now.”
 fun at Jays