“Does anybody start with an S? We can replace them with Skolem.”
“The more electrons there are, the more the metal fucks the LUMO in the ass.”
  • Professer: Tries to pronounce student’s name.
  • Student: Indicates pronunciation is correct.
  • Professor: “My Chinese officemate in grad school would be so proud!”
  • Student: “I’m Korean.”
“Of course there’s air in there! Do you think your uterus is a vacuum?”
“If it’s a watering can for people, what does it matter if you’re not a plant?”
“I admit that last night I did not re-read the chapter because I was high as a kite on various drugs.”
a professor
“That shelf is covered with a fine layer of nast.”
“Immediately, you should think of a big-ass matrix.”
Prof Yong
“Can you coup de grace with a tongue?”
“What is complexity theory?"
“German, apparently.”